How do raise money without spending it all on the event? Perception has your solution to help indelibly etch your message on your audiences mind and elicit the response you had hoped for.

Guggenheim Hugo Boss Prize

Perception helps The Guggenheim host the Hugo Boss Prize for new artists.  Projecting hi-resolution imagery, Perception helped present each artist and their work to the attendees.

Grand Street Settlement: Taste of the Lower Eastside

Perception provided full power distribution for 54 restaraunts who helped Grand Street Settlements “Taste of the Lower East Side”. ¬†Distributed audio from a DJ to 2 seperate areas as well as video projection in both rooms helped make the event … Continue reading

Friends In Deed

Friends in Deed asked Perception Audio-Visual to provide sound and flatscreens for their fundraiser at Balthazaar.


Perception Audio Visual helps Collegiate at Skylight Studios on Hudson Street.